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Support the Kakapo Recovery campaign

16 December 2013

Kakapo Recovery

To show my support for the Kakapo Recovery team and their vital efforts, I have adopted a small, female kakapo named Marama (after the Maori word for “moon”).

25 June 2013

Oops! Twitter Feeds Now Working

I missed the June announcement from Twitter informing everyone that their API v1 was about to be retired – meaning that feeds on my homepage had been failing to update.

Along with the introduction of rate limits and ditching support for RSS as a response format, API v1.1 has implemented OAuth 2.0 for its authentication. Its not the most straight-forward thing to get your head around, but I found a useful post on CodeForest that helped me to update my own WordPress widgets.

My Notebook

There are 7 billion people on the planet, but fewer than 150 kakapo

The kakapo can only be found in New Zealand and every year countless people from around the world - including dozens of hard working volunteers - give their time and energy trying to save the world's only nocturnal flightless parrot from the brink of extinction. You can discover more about this extraordinary bird by watching this short clip from the BBC's South Pacific wildlife series.

To show my support for the Kakapo Recovery programme, I have recently adopted Marama.

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