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Social Media Logos and Branding

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I love it when companies and social media services provide clear branding guidelines – especially when it comes down to how you may or many not use their logos. It removes any ambiguity.

I’ve compiled a short list of direct links to guidelines that, I’m sure, I will be referring to time and again…

The following aren’t social media related but are still handy for future reference…

Flip-able Pages (continued)

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Back in August I asked several designers and developers for their opinions of presenting content within a flip-able, page-turning environment. At the time I wasn’t really sold on the idea, but a new service from Cubedesigners, called Fluidbook, does seem to be a step in the right direction. It seems much easier to view and browse than the previous examples I’ve seen.


Addendum: Additional sources for future reference.

Eye Catching Designs

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I’ve spent part of today scanning through various design and development blogs and have been very surprised by some of the site designs I’ve stumbled across. So, to make sure I don’t forget them and can find my way back to them in the future, here are a few of the more eye-catching ones:

And this will be a useful page when I finally get round to putting a custom theme on this WordPress blog.

Wanted: Your opinions on flip-able pages

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A screenhot of the exampleI’m really interested in getting your developer/designer opinions on this type of Flash interface.

The concept of on-line publications with flip-able pages has been around for quite a few years now but has never really taken off. Why? I know my view on the subject but am very curious to know what others think of the concept.

  • Do you enjoy using publications presented this way or would you prefer to view a standard web page/PDF document instead?
  • Although the text is a little too small in my own basic example, do you think that you would take the time to read a document/magazine presented this way?
  • Might the technology be better suited towards certain types of publications, e.g. photography based, “coffee table” books?
  • Would the page ‘flipping’ begin to annoy you after a few clicks?

Further examples of this concept in use can be viewed at:

As always, any opinions/observations/views are much appreciated.