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The design mock-ups within this section are purely doodles – created to experiment and try out new ideas (probably while I was waiting for something else – like a virus scan – to complete). They are not, by any means, finished designs.

SharePoint: University College Falmouth Intranet

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These design solutions were created as part of the University’s move from a 10 year old, bespoke, Classic ASP driven Intranet (which I originally developed) to Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Their purpose was to act as a starting point for discussion among staff and students and to generate feedback.


Sub Page

Wings ‘n’ Things

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These screen solutions were based upon an existing website belonging to a local pet shop.

Sample homepage
The large page-header shows a random recommendation and photograph each time the page loads. The content welcomes visitors to the website, makes important announcements and offers expert advice. The latest news entries and gallery thumbnails are displayed within the right-hand sidebar.

Sample internal page
All internal pages follow the same two-column layout as the homepage, but the page-header is reduced in height so only the site title shows. The primary navigation remains consistent throughout.